Let us introduce you the work of researchers

A s you play, do experiments or look at interesting objects and pictures at the exhibitions of Agroverzum or you participate in one of our programmes, you can acquaint yourself with the work and the results of a research community whose activity affects how our lives proceed. At these exhibitions and programmes you can find out more about agricultural sciences and achievements, in an entertaining way. We introduce how science try to overcome environmental, social and economic problems caused by global climate change. We also show what you can do to reduce risks.

Agroverzum Centre of Science and Fun, just as the Beethoven Memorial Museum, is located in Martonvásár in the park of the Brunszvik Manor House.

You can find the ticket office of the Agroverzum, the Manor Park and the Beethoven Memorial Museum in the Centre of Science and Fun. The Manor Park and the Beethoven Memorial Museum can be accessed via the Agroverzum. They can be visited separately or together. A Discovery Trail in the park with guiding boards provides information on the places of interest. Downloadable apps, fun tasks, and puzzles make the route even more fun. Baby strollers can be taken into the park. Visitors' information>

  • Agroverzum team

Dr. Judit Bajzáth
Head of Department
Phone number: +36 30 249 4351
E-mail: bajzath.judit@agroverzum.hu
Éva Hartmann
Cultural Manager
Phone number: +36 30 251 5752
E-mail: hartmann.eva@agroverzum.hu
István Lenkefi
Museum Educator
Phone number: +36 30 629 3133
E-mail: lenkefi.istvan@agroverzum.hu
Szabina Horkay-Körtélyesi
Museum Educator
Phone number: +36 30 629 3214
E-mail: horkay.szabina@agroverzum.hu
Rita Takács-Zsebeházy
Communications Contributor
Phone number: +36 30 629 3051
E-mail: zsebehazy.rita@agroverzum.hu
Éva Puskás
Public Service Contributor
Phone number: +36 30 629 3083
E-mail: puskas.eva@agroverzum.hu
Mrs. László Kocsis
Phone number: +36 30 629 3190
E-mail: kocsis.laszlone@agroverzum.hu
Dr. Dénes Molnár
Phone number: +36 30 629 3235
E-mail: molnar.denes@agroverzum.hu